Sentinel Offender Services is one of the nation's leading providers of offender supervision services. Since beginning operations in 1993, we have focused solely on one goal: monitoring and supervising offender populations. As correctional agencies search for alternatives to incarceration or supervision for their inmate or probationer populations, we developed a comprehensive Spectrum of Services that allows correctional agencies to select an effective solution to their needs. Our services and programs include:

This wide array of supervision options has enabled us to be selected as the service provider to more than 200 agencies and programs across the country. Since starting operations more than 15 years ago, we have monitored more than 500,000 individual offenders.

Our partnerships with correctional agencies also led to our development of offender funded programs where any of our services can be provided at no cost to the agency. Our experience in handling diverse offender populations is unmatched. Sentinel's commitment to providing the best available equipment and our customer service expertise has allowed us to become an industry leader and boast a 98% customer retention rate.
To facilitate offender compliance with the conditions of their sentence, program participants can pay fines, fees and restitution at a kiosk. This service permits payments to be made 24/7/365 from remote locations via cash, credit and debit cards.

Sentinel Offender Services pioneered the offender funded model and continues to be the industry leader, since introducing the model in 1993. It allows agencies to implement successful offender management and tracking solutions at no cost to the agency.

We employ 300-plus employees nationwide and staff 40-plus offices to meet our customers' needs. We have operated electronic monitoring programs that have exceeded 2,000 daily monitored offenders, along with operating case management programs that currently exceed 30,000 probationers on a daily basis.

Sentinel's Advantage:

Flexible Equipment Design: Our system allows easy transition from one level of electronic monitoring to the next without exchange equipment.

State-of-the-art Technology: From our web-based SenTrak offender management database to leading edge equipment, we offer customers the latest industry leading features.

Sentinel-Owned Products and Technologies: We own all of our equipment and technology applications so there are no subcontractors involved in provided services.

Program Funding Options: Our proven offender-funded program model can save correctional agencies significantly, since all program fees are paid for by the offender. This NO COST model can be applied for all Sentinel services.

SenTrack Software: We designed one software to handle both electronic monitoring and GPS tracking, which is available via any web-enabled device.