Electronic Monitoring Services
As part of our spectrum of services, we offer our customers an array of services to meet varied offender supervision and monitoring needs. Our services can be personalized to meet an agency's exact needs. Since 1993, we have tailored programs specifically to agency requirements, using the same base equipment that provides a progression in supervision level. We have provided the following services for more than 200,000 monitored cases and in excess of 300,000 misdemeanor probation cases.

Radio Frequency Electronic Monitoring: Our DualTrak electronic monitoring equipment provides industry leading advantages including the only multi-frequency transmitting system and our revolutionary "no tools required" transmitter design, which allows an officer the easily install a transmitter in seconds. The Home Monitoring Unit (HMU) verifies the offender's compliance while in the residence and can be adjusted to accommodate varying residence sizes to allow participants unrestricted movement while in the residence. These two components have been successfully utilized to monitor offenders.

Full-Service Case Management: This is an industry first, where we developed a full service program for our case workers to handle all program daily duties - from equipment installation to report processing (with daily reports to agency/correctional personnel for non-compliance processing). These programs operate at NO COST to the agency as all fees are paid for by the program participants through our sliding scale method. We have saved agencies tens of millions of dollars in jail cost and monitoring fee avoidance by offering this method.

Agency-Funded or Offender-Funded Options: We offer all of our services through various methods based on the agency's status. Although the traditional method bills the agency directly for all services provided to the offenders, we developed and offender-funded model where we use a sliding scale based on a participant's ability to pay for services. Our model allows us to provide service to all offenders referred to the program, with fees assessed according to verifiable income resources. These programs have saved our agencies millions of dollars in monitoring fees that they would have paid.